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Welcome to Tokyo Dance Village!

Why Tokyo Dance Village is So Popular

Why Tokyo Dance Village is So Popular



About the Fees

Tokyo Dance Village allows you to try out and observe the lessons before signing up, which must be a reassuring system for you.
We ask you to pay your lesson fees once a month through account transfer, which enables you to sign up whenever you want!
You can choose an alternative lesson whenever it's inconvenient for you so no lessons will be wasted.
Please feel free to call us if you have any other questions.

*The fees listed below are tax-excluded, except for the fees for trial lessons.
*Some lessons are not for shift. Please ask for further information.

Trial Lessons

You can take a free traial lesson only for the first time.
※maximum 2times per person. 1,000yen costs for the second time.

Enrollment Fees

Enrollment fee costs ¥10,000

Lesson Fees

Weekdays Weekend
Four times a month 11,400 yen per month 11,800 yen per month
Three times a month 8,500 yen per month 8,800 yen per month
Twice a month 6,800 yen per month 6,800 yen per month

※The price doesn`t include consumption tax.
※The additional course at a 30% discount.


If you enroll in Tokyo Dance Village with your family or friend, you can get the valuable benefit. Read more about Introduction System here


*We ask you to pay ¥400/month for each class for management/maintenance fees.
*At your first lesson, please pay in cash your lesson and management/maintenance fees worth of 2 months.
After that, your fees will be paid through account transfer each month from you preferred account.
(Management/maintenance fees will be added to the lesson fees every 3 months.)
*Please bring your cash card for your preferred account when you enroll.
*Cooling-off system available
*We ask you to pay ¥2,000 as renewal fee after 2 years has passed since enrollment.

Schedule Flow before Enrollment

Schedule Flow before Enrollment

Schedule Flow before Enrollment

For complete beginners, you can try the "SUPER Entry-Level Class" During the trial lesson, you can see for yourself what the lessons and the teachers are like.
(Trial lessons are free now due to campaign period!) Please feel free to come and visit♪


*If you wish to sign in after the trial lesson, we can make a reservation even if you do not have cash with you on that day.
*Popular lessons fill up fast so we recommend you make a reservation fast


Payment will be through account transfer every month so you can sign up whenever you want!
(For you first class only, please pay in cash your lesson fees worth of 2 months. Also please bring your cash card you wish to have your fees transferred from.)
*Some lessons require you to pay your lesson fees every 3 months in cash so please ask for further information.

Now your lesson begins!

  It's time for you to begin your lessons. Enjoy!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there English-speaking staffs?

There are a couple of English-speaking staffs.
However, please be notified that there are times when those staffs are not available.
So basically our school is operated in Japanese.

Can the teachers speak foreign languages?

There are some teachers who can speak English. However, our lessons are basically in Japanese.
If you feel nervous, please talk to one of our staffs. We can introduce you a teacher who can speak English.



7F Tobu Anex Bld, 1-10-10 Nishi Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, 171-0021
*7th floor in Tobu SPICE2


Right in front of Ikebukuro Sta. of JR, Tokyo Metro,Tobu and Seibu Lines 0-minute walk from JR West Exit / Tobu Bld. Right from Metropolitan Exit
Operating hours Monday through Friday 10:00~22:00
Saturday 10:00~21:00 Sunday 10:00~18:30

Feel free to call us 03-5391-3230